fruit bat tax

You ask yourself: Is this blog just about fruit? Well, basically. I guess it reflects my life. Remember my huge stalk of bananas? I had planned to share them with the other students—you can only eat so many bananas alone in one day—but most of them conveniently ripened when nearly all of the students were … Continue reading fruit bat tax

demonic devices

First, I need to mention two very important people: Luisa and Elodia. These two elderly sisters teach us so many things all the time. They will be mentioned a lot. It seems there is little they haven’t heard of, until now. I brought my didgeridoo to Ecuador at the suggestion of my professor, Janis Nuckolls. When … Continue reading demonic devices

fruit run

A couple of days after arriving I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and caught the first bus that passed the field school to the nearby city of Tena. I did a little bit of shopping—laundry supplies, bread still warm from the oven, and fruit. Lots of fruit. I knew exactly what I had … Continue reading fruit run