I don’t think my life is more interesting and important than yours, or anyone else’s.

I do, however, forget things easily. Therefore, the primary purpose of this blog is a way for me to remember stuff better, and perhaps amuse people in the process.

This website is also meant to chronicle highlights of my ongoing attempt to survive a good chunk of the twenty-first century on mountains, in rainforests, and behind parking garages. It doesn’t usually mention the hours I spend staring at the wall or mindlessly scrolling through Facebook until the hollowness swallows my ability to feel. My infrequency in posting is likely due to a combination of procrastination, perfectionism, existential despair, paranoia, and laziness.

In any case, my most popular series of posts is the Urban Forager series, wherein I lived for a week in my city eating exclusively plants I gathered. Start the adventure here.

I began writing this as a way to chronicle my experiences as a student  at a field school in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

If ye be an ally of pandas, consider following me on Facebook. Or, like, just go visit a panda. If you can make it to Washington, D.C. you’ll happily discover admission to the National Zoo is free-ninety-nine.

Walter Mitty is my homeboy.


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