Weaseling to Succeed

Sometimes the best way to avoid late fees at the library is to write Dark Knight Rises/ Pokemon crossover fanfiction. You might say it’s super-effective. Continue reading Weaseling to Succeed


Day 7 to Come

Yes, I know I said I would have Day 7 done yesterday. Unfortunately, when I made this optimistic prediction I failed to take school into account. I will publish that hopefully soon (meaning probably Saturday). Thanks for your support in coming back to read. You people rock. Continue reading Day 7 to Come

Urban Forager, Day 6: Marshmallow Kodiak Destructo-Man

Now is the winter of our discontent. –William Shakespeare “My car broke down. I need help.” I gazed at the text blearily for a moment, sounding out the syllables slowly. My-car-broke-down-I-need-help.  I think this is some kind of call for help, said my mind in an effort to be helpful. Oh. OH! I GET IT! Throwing on two … Continue reading Urban Forager, Day 6: Marshmallow Kodiak Destructo-Man


Just an FYI announcement of sorts. I’m behind with posting. I haven’t had internet for a bit so I apologize to all of you who have been so loyal in following me through this adventure. I hope to post Day 6 soon and Day 7 not long thereafter. Please come back soon and see if … Continue reading Soon

Urban Forager, Day 5: The Illusion of Plenty

Sleep is the poor man’s dinner. —Alexandre Dumas, The Three Musketeers Glowing screens and interfaces surrounded me in the darkened. How did I never notice before that vending machines contained food? Bizzare concoctions that had never before interested me now had my full attention: sloppy joes in miniature bread bowls (microwaveable!), chocolate tacos (now with dairy-based … Continue reading Urban Forager, Day 5: The Illusion of Plenty